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About Us

StudyStudy Agency was founded in 2000 as a specialist English language training and consultancy organisation. Since then, we have worked closely with corporations, both multinational and national, schools, and individual clients, providing them with training solutions for their English language needs.
Agency2Study Agency works in the areas of specialist language training, in-company programmes, total-immersion courses, specific purpose training, course design, young learners, translation, needs analysis and consultancy.



The effectiveness of any methodology depends on the skill of the teacher who implements it.

In our classes, the focus is on the student at all times. The tutor facilitates natural speech, presents new language, corrects pronunciation, introduces conversation topics, corrects grammar errors, sets up activities, and analyses the causes of each student´s difficulty. As much as possible, we prefer to avoid reading in the class, as this is a time-consuming activity that can be better done at home, as preparation for the class. The same applies to listening activities, which, when you consider how much time we spend in Bogotá´s traffic, can better be done in the car. Our goal is to maximise the amount of time in each class where the student is interacting with the tutor in a “real” and interesting way. Our classes are structured, dynamic, and highly productive.